About Us

Pollution has been a hot topic in recent times. COVID-19 pandemic has instilled a sense of fear for the quality of the air we breathe in. With rising levels of impurities in the air, the rapid expansion of urbanization, increasing vehicles, and the quantity of PM2.5 in the air are shortening our lifespan. Many are ignorant, many are in the dark, and those who are conscious do not grasp the gravity of the situation. With polluting and harmful air contents like Coronavirus it becomes a prime objective to develop and adopt measures to ensure the safety of you and your family members. We at 6mask have come up with the most effective, efficient, and affordable solution the N-95 masks to take the pollution head-on, We mean mask-on.
We Indians love wrapping a handkerchief or a Gamchha to prevent us from dust and harmful particles. However, they do not provide the best security when it comes to PM2.5. We at 6mask have designed and curated masks that fit in all requirements, safeguarding you and your loved ones. Our face masks filter out 95% PM2.5 particles along with dust and other pollutants.

The Standouts

Imbibing the idea of “prevention is better than cure” we at 6mask have come up with a unique concept of reusable masks. Our masks can be washed, rinsed, and used as many times as a normal handkerchief. We have also introduced a replaceable filter design to ensure quality air to the user all the time. 6mask has focussed its products to provide a counter solution from deadly air pathogens like coronavirus ensuring you of a quality air to breathe in.
It’s about safety, clean air, and being healthy that fuels the efforts of the team 6mask.